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About us.

ValueNet Capital is a venture fund focused exclusively in investing on Blockchain technologies. It has strong relationships with some of the most promising entrepreneurs and other top investors in the space.

We believe that as the Blockchain community, our biggest asset is the world-wide team of advisors and partners that allow us to be at the top of the innovation wave in every corner of the globe.

As Blockchain finds its place in the global economy, we fuel the innovation investing alongside World's leading venture firms and partnering up with multi-stage companies while offering unique co-investment opportunities to our partners.

The founder team and the international advisory board is composed of experienced entrepreneurs, innovators and venture capital investors, providing a complete view of every deal flow and giving us an unfair advantage in the fast-paced crypto space.




Investment Management Team.


Sonic Zhang - Entrepreneur & Investor

He is the Co-founder and Global Director of 20 Nations League of Blockchain (B20), an international NGO focused on bridging blockchain and crypto-currency communities worldwide. And the co-founder of ValueBank Group, a global network of fiat-crypto exchanges, with a crypto wallet and payment solutions. Founder of ValueNet Capital, focusing on investing in blockchain startup and cryptos. Co-founder of Murint Capital, a VC Fund for tech and entertainment industries. Founder of SoRelax, a global platform for cross-border marketing and services. Sonic has a MPM and a BE in Mechatronics from the University of Sydney. He currently resides in Beijing.


Advisors & Partners.


Moritz Neto - Tenzorum Cofounder | Blockchain Entrepreneur

Moritz is a graduate of the Stanford APAC entrepreneurs. He is a growth hacker who envisions a world where cryptocurrency is ubiquitous. Moritz believes p2p economic empowerment and blockchain technologies are the cornerstones of a new society. He has worked with multiple ventures, from Early Stage Startups that wanted to validate their products in the real world, to 8 figures businesses. He has deep knowledge in optimising UI/ UX and building digital products to the consumer market.


Daniel Bar - Tenzorum Cofounder | bitfwd Chairman

Daniel graduated M.Sc. in Nanotechnology in the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. He is leading the bitfwd team, building a grassroots community of developers that specialize in distributed systems and crypto economics. Daniel is obsessed with paradigm-shifting technologies such as quantum computation and Blockchain, he is on a mission to make Blockchain technologies accessible to everyone.


Eric Mwangi - Director at Blockchain Global
Advisor | Africa Lead

Eric Mwangi  is a Director at Blockchain Global, He is leading the ICO advisory business in the U.K. and Africa. He has supported and advised on a number of successful and market leading ICOs.  He is also an Africa lead for Blockgram. Blockgram is a leading Blockchain technology solution provider that focuses on product development and training courses. A graduate of MIT in Fintech and an MBA from UCL in the U.K.


Tamer Sinna – CryptoClass Co-founder

Currently the co-founder of The CryptoClass, Tamer is focused on driving the industry of Blockchain to increase awareness. He has extensive experience in large organisations and is currently active as an Auditor for a government organisation in Victoria, Australia. His desire is to see the industry of Blockchain continue its amazing growth and reach the height it deserves.


Tomas Gurvicius - Partner at Crypto Tax & Legal, Researcher & (Ad)venturer

Tomas is a Dutch lithuanian entrepreneur who dove into the crypto world since 2013. As an International Development postgraduate, he strongly believes in the Sustainable Development Goals to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all until 2030. Being passionate about exponential technologies, he is now on a mission to support most promising blockchain projects which can contribute towards achieving these SDGs.


Demeel Khananishoo - CryptoClass Co-founder

Demeel is the co-founder of The CrypoClass, a media-based crypto service seeking to spread the word of blockchain. Having an extensive history in sales and marketing coupled with a Bachelor in Business Management is the experience that Demeel wishes to apply to the Crypto World. His vision is to provide projects with media services that will be accessible to everyday people who are new to the landscape.


Danilo S. Carlucci - Blockchain Marketing Consultant

Danilo is an entrepreneur with a background in business studies from HEC Lausanne and the University of Aberdeen. He previously co-founded the influencer marketing platform Amazers, and recently spent 2 years at Google where he was leading YouTube's community and growth efforts for the English speaking market.


David Beiner - CEO of ABACUS
U.S. Lead

David is a product strategy consultant turned cryptocurrency markets expert. He leads the team at Abacus as they guide their clients through the ins and outs of the ICO market. While he is skeptical of many projects he ultimately believes cryptocurrency and the token economy will usher in a new wave of innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and yet to be conceived economic systems.


Jason Struhl - CSO of ABACUS
U.S. Lead

Jason has a diverse background in the automotive, creative, and financial industries, most recently as an alternative asset manager. A graduate of New York University, he’s currently in charge of strategy at Abacus, lending his multidisciplinary skills to a burgeoning fascination with cryptocurrency and the potential for blockchain to evolve into the future of distributed data sharing.


Jéan LK - Entrepreneur

Jéan LK is an entrepreneur and business owner with over twelve years experience in the wellness, lifestyle, hospitality, travel and technology industries. His work in creative, events, PR, marketing and business development roles has seen him gain experience in markets including UK, USA, UAE and across West Africa.


Georgina Tan - Third Gemini Marketing

Georgina has ten years of international expertise across a variety industry sectors including finance, technology, media/entertainment, education, retail, and hospitality. She is a former employee of Google, The Walt Disney Company, Barclays and NMPi (formerly known as Clicks2Customers), and has worked with clients including Android Pay, Mindshare Worldwide and Bankorus.



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